Everything You Need To Know About White Fillings

Filling is an excellent treatment offered to restore decayed teeth. Silver-coated amalgam fillings were popular in the past. Amalgam fillings are entirely safe. In recent years the use of white fillings is becoming popular. It is up to the dentist to decide on the type of filling material. The site https://maplebrookdental.ca/services/ talks in detail about the latest types of filling materials used by dentists. You would find a full list here on the ways to offer the best dental care.

The following gives a brief outlook on the various types of fillings and benefits of using white fillings.

Types of Fillings

It is necessary that you know about the common types of fillings used for treating decays.

Cast Gold Fillings: This is the oldest type of filling used for teeth restoration. Gold is highly durable and this makes it ideal to make various types of fillings namely inlays and outlays. Gold is mixed with other metals to come up with a corrosion-resistant filling material called cast gold fillings. You may require two dental sittings for cast gold fillings. In the first dental visit your dentist prepares the decayed tooth for the filling. During the second visit, the dentist takes an impression and cements the gold filling on the affected tooth. It lasts for more than 15 years. Cast gold fillings is quite expensive as gold is a precious metal.

Amalgam Fillings: It is a common type of filling preferred by people all over the world. It is an affordable and durable filling option. This type of filling is a mix of various metals, namely silver, tin, copper, mercury and zinc. Amalgam fillings corrode after several years, and it also results in discolouration of the enamel of the tooth. Amalgam fillings look silver in colour. Thus people do not prefer using amalgam fillings on their front teeth.

White Fillings: Composite resin is the main component of this type of filling. White fillings are combinations of plastics and small glass particles. It is an excellent blend for treating decayed teeth. Composite resin also helps to change the colour and shape of your tooth. You may have to visit the dentist only once to get your tooth restored using a white filling. First, the dentist removes the decay and hardens the layers of filling material. The dentist smoothens and shapes the filling based on the structure of your teeth.

Amazing Benefits of Using White Filling

Dentists prefer white fillings for tooth restoration treatment. The white colour of the filing matches well with your tooth colour. It is a highly durable and resistant type of filling that lasts for more than five years. It is a cheap filling material compared to the other types of fillings.

Tips To Improve The Lifetime of Your White Filling

Proper oral care is a must to make your white filing last for several years. Brush your teeth twice a day to avoid further repairs on your teeth. Make use of a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your teeth. Flossing your teeth regularly prevents damage to your composite filling. Restrict eating foods that may stain your composites.