Top Mistakes To Avoid While Applying For Canadian Immigration

Canada is one of the most open-hearted countries when it comes to welcoming new immigrants. Canadian Immigration Services offers more than 60 different immigration programs. Each program invites candidates who meet certain criteria. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has been introducing many new programs recently to increase its immigration intake. Get the full list here about the benefits of opting for a Canadian residentship. Despite the Canadian government offering a great immigration opportunity, millions of applicants fail to make it through the process. Clerical mistakes and other errors made during the application process are responsible. If they aren't corrected promptly, simple mistakes can lead to long-term delays and even rejection.

Important Points To Remember For Avoiding Common Application Errors

When applying for permanent residence, temporary permits, or work permits, you may need to provide information about your travel history, history of employment, and/or personal background. It doesn't matter how long or short the gap is; it should be considered. Even if it is for one week, unaccounted time can cause delays and additional background investigations. This history must not contain any inexplicable gaps or overlaps. All dates and events must be presented chronologically.

  • Even if you had a short vacation, mention it in the travel history and never skip any vacation taken outside your country to avoid repeating the work vacation.
  • It is important to indicate and record any periods of unemployment in the section on employment inquiry.
  • All dates must be supported with the appropriate documents and letters.

Issues In Translation

A majority of immigrants come from Asia, especially from the Philippines, India, and China. Since English is not the official language of these countries, there may be some issues with the application. If English documents or French documents cannot be made available, the following steps should be followed:

  • Before you send it, ensure that all supporting documents are correctly translated into English or French.
  • Do not forget to send a photocopy of the original document
  • Ensure to use the affidavit of the translator.

Incomprehensible or insufficient translations will not be accepted. To avoid delays and denials, ensure that you hire a professional translator.

Never Miss The Deadlines

The IRCC has to process many applications, and they run on a tight timeline. All actions must adhere to the deadlines and timelines set by the IRCC. It can take several months for your initial application to be processed and your final COPR letter to arrive.

If you are asked to provide financial evidence, biometrics, medical records, personal data, or other documentation, be sure to do so, so that you do not have to face further delays. To ensure that you don't forget a deadline or due date, set alarms or reminders a week in advance.

If your medical records or immigration documentation require renewal, ensure you do them when they are due. Getting adequate support from immigration consultants can ensure that you avoid rejection and submit the right documents without errors. It is more cost-effective to hire a professional immigration consultant than to fix your application mistakes on your own. Thus, with the right immigration assistance, you can easily relocate to Canada without any hassles.