Frequent Furnace Issues And Its Solutions


It doesn't matter if you have a gas heater or a strong gas furnace. It is important to familiarize yourself with the system and its operation. No one can repair it if you don't know the basic working of the system. Here are the most common causes and solutions for furnace repairs. You should check for these issues and take the necessary steps to fix a damaged furnace.

Common Furnace Issues

Issues With The Air Filter Reduced airflow is a result of clogged filters. That is not a good thing, as reduced airflow can make your furnace work harder, leading to an increase in operating costs.If you are still using the same furnace since summer, then get the right technicians for Furnace Repair Hamilton to get it serviced or changed.

Even though you might not have the most pristine air filter around, it is important to change it every year. Although it's not a major maintenance problem, failure to change your filters over time can cause unnecessary wear and strain to your system, leading to a decrease in interior air quality.

Thermostat Malfunctioning

If you notice temperature problems in your home or your furnace doesn't turn on when it's cold, you should check your thermostat.

First, ensure that the thermostat is set to HEAT and not COOL. Double-check to make sure the fan is not set to ON instead of AUTOMATIC. You should also check the set point. If the thermostat is set at 68°F and the house temperature is 75°F, the furnace won't work.

Replace the batteries. Yes, thermostat batteries eventually wear out, and some thermostats don't require batteries. You can check the circuit/control board to see if this is the case. For assistance, contact a furnace repair professional.

Why Is My Blower Running Continuously?:

The blower could continue to work in certain situations if the thermostat is ON or your set-point is wrong. Ensure that the thermostat is set to AUTO and as a next step, lower the thermostat's temperature to a comfortable range. If this doesn't cause your furnace to turn off, continue reading.

The limit switch is part of your furnace. It can be manually operated and can be used to adjust the fan control. If the limit switch has been set, the blower will continue to operate.

Bad Burner: The furnace's burner is similar to a gas grill's burner in terms of appearance and function. Your furnace's fuel passes through the burners the same way it does for your grill.

It is a good DIY job to clean the burners. Turn off both the gas and the electricity to your furnace. Use a vacuum to clean the burners. You can also vacuum the area around the blower while you are at it.

When The Furnace Talks:

Your furnace can make noises if they have a loose screw or dirty burners. There can be other issues too, which can make noises. Leakages and other problems in your ducting system could also cause noise. Contact your service technician if you're unsure of the noise even after reading the review here about solving such issues.

Conclusion: It is possible to avoid these problems by having your furnace inspected regularly. That will help prevent small repairs from turning into major issues later. As recommended by the manufacturer, you should clean and inspect your furnace regularly.