Different media kinds for a successful digital marketing plan

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Are you thinking of getting media exposure for your new business? Well, it is an excellent decision. In the present digital age, it is mandatory to use media to showcase and promote your brand. But it is important to do it rightly. When you have a clear digital marketing plan, you can easily plan and track successfully. Merged Media is a comprehensive digital marketing company that focuses on different marketing techniques to develop your business. Let us find out more how they utilize various kinds of media to obtain qualified leads and build your brand.

There are three kinds of digital media plans. They are paid, owned, and earned media. All function together to develop your brand. Ensure to utilize all three types of media to be effective as well as increase the chances of getting qualified leads. Converged media means combining the following kinds of media: · paid media · owned media · earned media

Let us discuss the difference between these three kinds of media:

Earned media: It is one of the most popular platforms. It helps in gaining exceptional publicity more than the paid media. It is not developed by the subject. Earned media is the customary media exposure received through media outreach. Some of the examples of earned media are social media interactions, content shares, and customer reviews.

Owned media: It is something you develop and have complete control over it. Some of the examples of owned media include social media pages, websites, and blogs. Social media page means your original profile page. It does not include contents or media posted by others on social media. You can decide what to post and what not to post. It helps in showcasing your expertise and improving your SEO. One of the best examples is guest posting. You will not own the website but you will have complete control to write about your business services. It is important to utilize a well-planned content marketing strategy to utilize owned media effectively.

Paid media: It means paid media coverage like traditional and native advertising. Paid media covers press releases, banner ads, and sponsored articles. When you pay someone to share content about your business or company, it comes underpaid media. But when you pay to a publicist, it comes under earned media. When you pay someone to carry out your media outreach, it will be considered as earned media.

There are several benefits of combining these three strategies in the digital marketing plan. The main benefits are: · SEO · Control · Trust · Quickness

Remember, you cannot obtain all these four benefits when you use any one kind of media. Most people find hard to implement all the three strategies in the digital marketing plan. Well, in such a scenario, you can approach the experts for assistance. They will research, analyze, and recommend how to implement the digital marketing strategy and also ensure to utilize these three types throughout. If you are using one media, it will help in increasing the digital footprint. For the best exponential benefits, it is best to use all three.