Surprising Advantages Of Puzzles: A Healthy Distraction

What comes to your mind when you hear puzzles? Is it toys, hobbies, pass the time or relaxation? Of course, puzzles are a lot of fun and are associated with the above factors. However, they offer a wide range of health benefits apart from killing time. Jigsaw puzzle benefits kids with their skill developments like visual-spatial reasoning and cognition. In elderly adults, it aids with memory, mood and problem-solving skills. It is a good way to develop brainpower right from childhood. If you want to kindle the interest of math subjects, try introducing mathematical puzzles to them. Click to know more here on various jigsaw puzzle activities.

What Are The Benefits Of Puzzles?

  • Mental Exercise – Puzzles help to work the brain on both sides. The right brain handles emotions, intuitive thinking and emotions, whereas the left does logical, methodical and objective thinking. A puzzle will increase cognitive function by working both sides of the brain together. It also activates the Occipital lobe in the brain, which connects the shapes and colors.
  • Attention To Details – If the pieces in a puzzle are similar, it naturally makes a person pay more attention to the intricate details. The eye muscles will get exercised to spot tiny differences in colors and shapes. The ability to capture details will improve the precision and quality of work.
  • Memory Improves –While doing a puzzle, you will have to remember and visualize the image to bring them together. The part of the brain that store information develops, thereby improving your short-term memory skills. Furthermore, puzzles strengthen neural connections along with the brain’s processing speed.
  • IQ Develops – Various researches state that performing half an hour in solving puzzles every day will raise your IQ score by four points.
  • Problem Solving Ability Increases – You will think of various approaches while solving a problem through a trial-and-error method. Unintentionally you learn to change your perspective when things don’t go as per your plan. Eventually, it makes you an innovative person with more inclination towards critical thinking and better adaptability.
  • Increases Productivity – Concentration and productivity are directly proportional to each other. You can reset your brain with a short break from doing puzzles.
  • Good Teamwork – By incorporating puzzles in a workplace, it builds good collaboration among the employees. They improve their relationships by forming teams to solve them.
  • Elevates Mood – Puzzles increase the production of dopamine in the brain. It is a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood. Dopamine is released every time you lay your hands on puzzles, and additionally, it reduces stress and improves optimism.
  • Health Benefits – Puzzles help reduce the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, improve heart health and lower the blood pressure levels in the system. It decreases the possibility of developing cardiovascular problems and improves the overall mental health of a person.

Puzzle is the best way to stay engaged and focused. Today’s scenario with everybody glued to screens, puzzles gives an effective short break to refresh the mind. Most importantly, it will be of great use to your kids to focus on their school curriculum. It simply makes studies enjoyable.

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