Is Insurance Claims Applicable For Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone therapy for men Miami can be an expensive treatment and the sad news is that it is not covered by any insurance. You must take careful consideration before you decide to undergo one. Here is a complete review of hormone therapy and if the procedure is right for you. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is also known as TRT. Most insurance companies are profit-making institutions and they seldom cover expensive treatments. Insurance companies approve of least expensive treatments at the lowest possible medications and doses. Anything falling out of these parameters will not be covered.

Testosterone therapy consists of weekly injection and intake of drugs like anastrozole and HCG. Insurance companies do not have any tangible benefits covering the doses of injection and medication. Hence, they will reject medical claims for these medicines most of the time. Doctors are not blinded by any insurance guidelines when they prescribe for testosterone therapy. One benefit is that the doctors are free to administer and treat the patient correctly. To make profits, insurance companies will have their guidelines on the normal range of testosterone levels and number of weeks per dose which will fall below the optimal way of treatment.

You must understand the functioning of testosterone therapy before you undergo one. One important thing you need to be aware of is that the testes production of the hormone will almost immediately stop when you start injecting testosterone into the body. It is because the Luteinizing hormone that is released from the brain switches off and does not signal the testes to release the hormone. The brain gets tricked by the hormone that was being injected as it thinks that the testosterone was produced by the body. It is like a ripple effect.

Pituitary gland responsible for hormone production stops the production of the luteinizing hormone due to its presence in the body. Since there is no production of luteinizing hormone, the brain will signal testes to stop testosterone production. When the testes stop its functioning, they shrink like dried raisins and inevitably atrophy. The HCG medication will keep the testes in good condition and allows them to continue testosterone production. This will help in case of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. Understanding this effect of testosterone in your body will help you decide if you want to take up the therapy along with the medication.

An aromatase inhibitor is another medication provided for testosterone therapy which is not covered by insurance companies. Injecting testosterone in a man’s body will lead to the production of oestrogen which is a female hormone. It is known for shaping female characteristics. This effect can be devastating for men. It will result in the development of breast tissue, testosterone will reduce mood swings and host of other issues that are common with females. These effects can be suppressed with aromatase inhibitors. For insurance companies, the less they pay the more profit they reap. Insurance companies always don’t work on the best interest of the patient.

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