How to eliminate a mouse in your house without killing it?


Though small creatures like mice look cute, when they enter the house, they cause a lot of damage. The mouse is popular for its vibrant breeding habits. When one enters, there are chances to see dozens within the next few weeks. It becomes challenging to eliminate them especially if they have started nesting. If you are thinking about keeping mice away from your house, you need to approach Wildside Wildlife Removal. Let us review the ways they utilize to eliminate mice without killing them.

Mouse proof your house: It is one of the best rodent infestation methods that you can start on your own or perform them with expert advice. Before it happens, when you take preventive measures, you can remain completely relaxed. Rodents enter the house mostly during cold months since it is the time they want a comfortable place to eat, nest, and safeguard their young ones.

Tips to rodent-proof your home:
· If there are big trees close to your house, trim the branches. This way, they would not use them as bridges.
· Search for gaps and holes that mice can easily enter through. Seal those areas with highly durable components like steel wool or sheet metal. An average mouse can easily enter a hole or opening that is ¼ inches.
· The trash cans should be placed at a reserved place in your house.
· Utilize weather stripping to cover doors and window frames as it permits easy access.
· Rodents prefer to preserve their nesting in interiors of the walls, old storage boxes, and things that are soft. Clean out all vulnerable parts where they can settle down.

Use mouse repellent scents: Rodents hate spice and garlic scents like cayenne pepper. They have an excellent smelling sense. By implementing these odors, you can easily avoid their presence. Take some cotton balls and peppermint oil. Soak the cotton balls and place them in areas where you doubt their activity. These aromas are safe for children and pets. They will not cause any harm to the inmates of the house.

Keep your house clean and tidy: In most cases, rodents enter houses that are not clean. Remove the clutter all over your house, especially in the closets, attic, and garage. Ensure to store all the food items in the tin or airtight glass containers. The trash can be stored in metal containers as garbage is their buffet.

Utilize non-lethal mouse traps: If you are looking for alternatives to traditional rat traps, you need to consider non-lethal traps. As mice have a sweet tooth, you can use peanut butter, some chocolate or cookie crumbs to attract them. Place the traps in areas where they are regular and areas with signs of mouse activity and with droppings. Once you catch and wish to release them, you have to travel at least half or one mile from your house. If not, they will arrive back at your house.

If they are not controlled within these steps, the professionals plan control measures analyzing your house status and their activities.

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