Activated charcoal in soaps and its benefits!

In recent years, activated charcoal has become very popular for several reasons. Are you wondering how to use activated charcoal? Do you know that it can be used on your body? Well, many people are utilizing activated charcoal soaps due to their numerous benefits. If you have decided to buy charcoal soap, then you should know how it is beneficial for your skin and how it works. To find out more regarding activated charcoal, continue reading this blog.
Activated charcoal is also referred to as activated Carbon. It is produced by scorching natural materials like coconut husks, peat, regular coal, or wood. The natural material is charred at a high temperature to produce a lightweight form of carbonaceous charcoal. The oxygens get eliminated from the natural material when processed by steam or through controlled oxidation. During this procedure, the charcoal multiplies, developing a porous layer that collects toxins. Thus, at this point, it is referred to as activated charcoal.

What are the benefits of charcoal soap?
A special ingredient that is included in soap making is activated charcoal. Skin is an important organ and a large part of the body. It has been proved that by utilizing cosmetics with charcoal, you can get relief from various skin issues. Charcoal soap is also excellent in treating acne, oily skin, eliminating unwanted oil from the body and face, and great for cleaning pores. Activated charcoal acts as an ideal antioxidant. It is recommended for cosmetic purposes.

Deeply cleanses your skin:
If you have excess oil on your face, you can try charcoal soap. It is effective in eliminating dead cells, thus offering flawless and clean skin. Do you have blackheads? The active particles in the soap clear the holes or impurities of the skin that causes blackheads. It absorbs environmental pollutants, deeply settled debris, and oil to cleanse the skin. When you start using, you will start to feel smooth skin, and also, the pores get visibly refined. Activated charcoal attracts the toxins and thus offers an excellent deep cleanse.

Exfoliates gently:
The charcoal’ texture serves as a gentle natural scrubber or exfoliator. When you hold it for the first time, you may feel the texture – gritty. But it aids in gently exfoliating your skin. It eliminates dead skin cells and extracts grime and dirt from the skin. Due to its antimicrobial features, it aids in preventing skin infections.

Activated charcoal soap consists of essential oil that boosts bactericidal properties. For example, if the soap contains tea tree essential oil, it is known for its antiseptic, antimicrobial properties, and the capability to cure skin disorders like blemishes and acne.

Reduces pore size:
It is common for the toxins, dirt to settle over the pores of the skin, thus enlarging in appearance and making them noticeable. The complexion gets affected due to unclear pores. Charcoal soap consists of activated Carbon that binds to and pulls the grime and dirt out of the pores, reducing their size and making them less visible. It gives a fresh look to your skin.

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